Cancer Pain

Not only do we treat patients that suffer from chronic
pain due to accidents or from everyday wear and tear,
our doctors offer treatment for patients with
pain resulting from cancer.

Migraine Attacks

Migraines can be a debilitating part of everyday life.
Our clinics offer several different types of treatment
including nerve blocks and medicines.

Patient Care

From the front desk to checkout,
our offices treat patients with the respect
and equality they deserve and expect.


Interventional procedures will directly target
your specific site of pain using imaging instead
of blanketing your problems with prescriptions.

  • Welcome


    Welcome to Georgia Pain Physicians, a branch of National Pain Care managed by specialists in pain management, orthopedic rehabilitation and pain, sports and electrodiagnostic medicine. Georgia Pain Physicians has become the leading name in pain management, combining cutting-edge technology with a compassionate staff that works together to bring our patients pain relief in a timely manner. We know how chronic pain robs people of their time, their money and even their wellbeing. At Georgia Pain Physicians, our professional, team-based focus is on the quality of the life our patients lead and getting back to enjoying it pain-free.
    Georgia Pain Physicians specialize in all kinds of pain, from headaches, pelvic and cancer pain to hip, neck, and lower back pain treatment. We help those with sports injuries and carpal tunnel syndrome. We also handle chronic spinal problems, such as spinal stenosis, spondylosis, degenerative disk disease, and herniated disks – even failed back surgery problems. We offer a variety of services and treatment options to our patients, and we tailor a treatment plan for each patient under our care.

  • To learn more or to make an appointment at any of our Georgia locations, call (844) PAINCARE.